About us

We are the global leader in MEMS resonator research and development to the global timing and frequency control market. KYOCERA Tikitin is a part of the global Kyocera corporation.

Who we are?

We are an ambitious group of professionals – academics, engineers – with a keen interest in making our solutions and innovations even better. We have been researching our MEMS technology for almost 20 years and continue to develop every day.

The need for our solutions accelerates continuously and we need more bright-minded professionals to develop our story. We are looking for new coworkers all the time.

What we do?

We are on a quest to make smart devices and wearables even smarter, smaller, more durable, and precise. We study, develop, and manufacture MEMS resonators from silicon.

A resonator is a micro-small timing device that bases its timing ability to sound or movement resonance. These physical microchips are in the core of wired and wireless communication and can be found in nearly all electronic devices.

Silicon in the manufacture of a resonator

Quartz has been used as a timing source since the early 1940s. No other material or technology has been able to replace the quartz crystal because of its exceptional temperature stability and low phase noise. Since the early 1980s, companies have been trying to replace quartz with silicon MEMS-based oscillators as the frequency reference in clock and timing oscillators.

We have found and developed a unique solution for MEMS manufacturing – our silicon resonator has a unique temperature coefficient of frequency and ESR features.

Why we do it?

The silicon MEMS resonators have a unique temperature coefficient of frequency and ESR features.

MEMS resonators are smaller in size which enables the manufacturing of smaller devices and wearables. Also, more complex devices that develop with 5G need more components where a smaller size is crucial.

In the future, we see that silicon-based technology will be more cost-efficient than quartz-based products. Silicon is one of the most common basic elements so it should not run out.