KYOCERA Corporation

KYOCERA Corporation

Kyocera products and services support customers worldwide. We develop, manufacture and market in wide-ranging fields by combining the diverse strengths of the KYOCERA Group. One element found in all Kyocera business segments is our ability to create advanced technologies through persistent creative effort. We are committed to developing new products, ideas and solutions that exceed customer expectations.

Kyocera is committed to creating new value at the cutting edge of technology. The global Kyocera Group develops unique technologies and applies its vision to create valuable products that markets continually seek.


”Respect the Divine and Love People”

Preserve the spirit to work fairly and honorably, respecting people, our work, our company and our global community.

Company name:

Kyocera Corporation


April 1, 1959


115 703 million yen

Group companies

298 (including Kyocera Corporation)

Group Employees

81 209

Big yet sustainable

Do what is right as a human being

The Kyocera Philosophy is based on the concept of “What do we consider to be the right choice as a human being?”. By adhering to this common philosophy, we can continue to aim for even greater heights in work and growth based on our own free will and enthusiasm.

The Kyocera Philosophy states, “The Result of Our Life or Work = Attitude × Effort × Ability.”  By providing educational opportunities, we ensure that everyone at our company can fully display their potential and realize the growth of individuals and the company.


Global news

Kyocera Global news

At our parent company, the multinational Kyocera Group, there is always something noteworthy going on. Click on the link below to view the Global News page and hear it first!

Kyocera Global News

Work with us

Ready to join the revolution?

What unites our team consisting of over 10 nationalities and working closely with our sister team in Japan? Part of it is the thrill of creating cutting-edge technology – being a part of the revolution. But it is also the team spirit, the appreciation of different people from different backgrounds as individuals. If you are one of the best and the brightest, you might have what it takes to rock the boat with MEMS technology.