Kyocera Corporation

The Kyocera Group will remain pioneers, developing innovative new technologies to meet our customers’ most challenging demands.

Kyocera Corporation

Kyocera products and services support customers worldwide. We develop, manufacture and market in wide-ranging fields by combining the diverse strengths of the Kyocera Group. One element found in all Kyocera business segments is our ability to create advanced technologies through persistent creative effort. We are committed to developing new products, ideas and solutions that exceed customer expectations.

“The New Value Frontier” reflects Kyocera’s commitment to creating new value at the cutting edge of technology. The global Kyocera Group develops unique technologies and applies its vision to create valuable products that markets continually seek.

”Respect the Divine and Love People”

Preserve the spirit to work fairly and honorably, respecting people, our work, our company and our global community.

Company name:
KYOCERA Corporation

April 1, 1959

115,703 million yen

Group companies:
298 (Including KYOCERA Corporation)

Group employees: