Resonator testing leads us toward production with our innovative silicon MEMS technology

The Test Engineering Team at KYOCERA Tikitin is responsible for the characterization of MEMS timing devices to ensure that they meet customer electrical specifications. The team works in close collaboration with the design and process engineering teams to develop and improve our products.

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KYOCERA Tikitin Oy (KTO) MEMS-innovation
Scores Again

Honorable visitors from Japan

KYOCERA Tikitin participates in the donation by semiconductor industry to Aalto University

KYOCERA Tikitin – 2023 outlook

2022 was a remarkable year. We made progress in all areas including technology maturation, ramping up the mass manufacturing and finally in the global team working with our technology. We found the optimum where the core competencies of KYOCERA Tikitin in Finland meet with the core competencies and capabilities of KYOCERA Corporation.

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Process engineering team works with challenging technical problems

KYOCERA Tikitin process engineering team is a great place to work for talented thin film processing specialists. Problems are solved and success is celebrated together.

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KYOCERA Tikitin MEMS resonator is the winner of 2022 Quality Innovation Award

The Quality Innovation Award competition organized by the Finnish Quality Association highlights high-quality new innovations.

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Summer 2022 at KYOCERA Tikitin

Every summer Kyocera Tikitin employs young talents to be part of MEMS development, and the summer of 2022 was no exception.

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