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KYOCERA Tikitin wants to be the best working place in their industry. We highly respect  teamwork, innovation, and passion to achieve results which bring value-adding products to the market. We believe in trust and respect. Our success is built on continuous learning and improvement, individual responsibility, and transparency. We stay healthy and happy with supportive working environment. Welcome to read more about working in KYOCERA Tikitin.


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On this page you’ll learn insights of working with KYOCERA Tikitin. We have assembled on this page all our working benefits and stories from your future coworkers.

What it is like to work at KYOCERA Tikitin?

We offer various opportunities to learn, develop, and succeed individually and as a valuable member of the whole company. All team members get to take part in the organization’s development, and they are respected for it. You always have supportive colleagues around you to change ideas and find the ways to make progress.

At KYOCERA Tikitin one of the key values is the freedom of action – tasks are carried out with efficiency and with a good feeling, there are many ways to achieve mutual goals. Everyone is encouraged to try new ideas and working habits.

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Employee benefits at KTO

Our office is located centrally with good connection to public transportation and you can get there easily also by bike or on foot.  You also get free parking near the office. At the office you’ll get adjustable office desks and of course free coffee.

We work with a startup mindset combined with global company resources and customers. Naturally you have the possibility for remote work and we have a true flexible working time.

We follow the Collective bargaining agreement for senior salaried employees in the consulting sector. We encourage everyone to think and make changes so we reward with compensation for inventions. You’ll also be a part of company incentive plan.

We offer you a comprehensive occupational healthcare.

To maintain good working energy throughout the day, have yourself a healthy lunch. We offer you a lunch benefit used with ePassi application.

We want to support your wellbeing and recovery from work on your freetime with a yearly 400 € exercise, culture, and wellbeing benefit.

Working at KYOCERA Tikitin you get travel insurance for business and holidays with luggage insurance. The insurance covers also leisure time accidents.

We will support your studies if you want to study a language related to our business.

We provide this benefit for our employees as an important practical act to support our strategic goals of employee wellbeing and sustainability. Our employees can get a bike from any of Vapaus partner shops. The selection already includes over 200 brands. Additionally, they can contact Vapaus customer service and order the bike from any online shop in the EU that can sell bikes to companies.


You will get “All you can eat” subscription for data and calls and you can choose your mobile device from a wide selection of top-tier phones, both Android and iOS possible from any brand.

You are able to get a pair of top-quality headsets and you can choose one from a wide selection.

We provide compensation for home office equipment. Permanent employees are eligible for this benefit. The compensation covers typical home office equipment such as a display, keyboard, mouse, hubs, and other equipment. You get to choose your own working environment and tools, and we help you to get them.

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